Funny Warning Stickers

Posted: July 10, 2021
Funny Warning Stickers
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These funny warning stickers from Bumblefack of Etsy shop AvEwerkz are like my favorite bumper sticker, "WARNING: This Vehicle Makes Frequent Stops at Your Mom's House," but for an industrial workplace setting, or your home workshop. Or maybe even stuck on the computer, desk toys, desk chair, and weight bench in your WFH office. As follows:

  • Computer: "WARNING: Do Not Dumb Here No Dumb Area."
  • Desk Toys: "DANGER: Not to Be Operated by Fuckwits."
  • Desk Chair (the fancy kind with infinite areas of adjustability, obviously): "DANGER: Not Only Will This Kill You It Will Hurt the Whole Time You're Dying."
  • Weight Bench (because you better be ready to feel the burn): "DANGER: Welding Area."

The funny warning stickers come in a pack of 4, with one each of the sticker prints above. They're 3.75" x 5.25", and printed on die-cut vinyl.

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