Oda Nobunaga Samurai Scissors

Posted: November 04, 2015
Oda Nobunaga Samurai Scissors
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Don't bring scissors to a sword fight. Unless! Unless those scissors are katana-bladed samurai scissors! This pair of Oda Nobunaga Scissors by Nikken Cutlery have been designed in the likeness of powerful Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga's sword, but with a few cunning--and cutting--tweaks to make them slightly more practical for everyday carry and use.

Unpack your wooden box, embossed with the Nobunaga name and crest, and you'll find a pair of trademark vermillion handles extending into curved samurai sword scissor blades, with another imprinted Oda clan crest at the joint. When not in used the scissors have a gold-tipped saya for storage, plus sageo-style cords, also in vermillion.

Oda Nobunaga scissor blades are made of stainless steel and measure 3+" long; the scissors' total length is 7.1".

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