Sleep Suit

Posted: November 18, 2012
Sleep Suit

If the Ostrich Pillow doesn't provide enough coverage and anonymity for your power naps, how about the patent-pending Sleep Suit? Designed by Architect Forrest Jessee as an experimental medium for testing out Buckminster Fuller's theory on Dymaxion sleeping, the Sleep Suit cocoons its human contents within a breathable, comfortable conglomeration of textile geometrics.

Fuller's concept of Dymaxion sleeping centers around people taking four, 30-minute naps over a 24-hour period instead of settling into a solid 8 (or, more likely, 4) when the sun goes down. It has been branded a more efficient method of sleeping (read: allows us more time to participate in the rat race) and purports to give the body the precise amount of sleep it requires for survival.

Jessee fashioned the structural pleat of the Sleep Suit to 1) look like the most badass of hornets' nests--obviously, and 2) provide perfect ergonomic support of the body in variable positions and during sleepytime movements, as well as maximize airflow so you don't, you know, die in there. The Sleep Suit is intended to be compact and portable, and wearers should be able to put it on and take it off in less than a minute. It also addresses a component some perceive as missing from the Dymaxion sleeping process: entering--and then leaving--an environment designed and designated solely as a haven for the body to rest.

Again, the material process for fabricating the Sleep Suit has been submitted as a patent application, with no word yet as to when corporate America will be able to purchase and suit up employees in the cocoons o' slumber for 30-minute respites that will in turn allow the universal implementation of 24-hour shifts. But if you're interested in learning more about when to expect your productivity plan to skyrocket, feel free to contact Jessee at [email protected].

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