Special Ingredients Shitzlinger Action Pack

Posted: February 05, 2018
Special Ingredients Shitzlinger Action Pack
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I'm not sure whether Shomer-Tec's Special Ingredients line of products are more prank or more spy. Maybe they fall somewhere in between. In case you're not familiar with these products, they come in vials filled with powders or liquids meant to instantly give you a bad day.

Looking to get your friend back for filling your car with balloons (lame...). Come back hard with some Purple Rain Powder.

Did your friend let 100 crickets loose in your AC vents? Let me introduce you to some Nasal Nausea Military Grade Putricant.

Jeremy Lewis been kissing your girlfriend after gym class? Try some Hellfire & Brimstone Itching Powder to dull his enthusiasm.

The Shitzlinger Action Pack adds range to two of the deadlier compounds in the Special Ingredients line with an easy-to-use instant deployment system. I like the sounds of that. I'd like to be able to strike from range rather than have to maneuver in to close quarters. More archer than infantry.

The kit contains 4 pre-filled projector devices. Two with diarrhea, or Doo Drops, which leave a diarrhea stench on your unsuspecting victim. Pleasant! One with Purple Rain which delivers a seemingly endless supply of dark purple stain. And a water-filled training unit for target practice. Range on the projectors is 20 feet.

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