The Buttress Pillow Mini Butt Keychain

Posted: June 22, 2021
The Buttress Pillow Mini Butt Keychain
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Wait, I thought the trend was for butts to get bigger, not smaller, but here The Buttress Pillow goes shrinking their pinchable, squeezable ass down into the Mini Butt Keychain. Maybe it's a fair trade-off though: less to grab and caress, but the solace of having a butt to fidget with when you need comfort and stress relief, no matter the time or place.

Wait, back (that ass) up. I stand (back arched, hip out) corrected: The Buttress Pillow doesn't just provide a butt to squeeze and fidget with, but a trio of them: Mini Butt Keychains are solid in sets of 3.

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