The Frustration Box

Posted: September 19, 2019
The Frustration Box
$17.99 - $21.98
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Frustration-free packaging? Psshh. Not a chance when I need to send an anonymous little something to the dude who acts like our office is his personal Amazon Locker. The Frustration Box from Pranks Anonymous requires little explanation, but since I'm getting giddy thinking about the jollies I could have with it, let's discuss the details, flesh the box out some anyway.

Speaking of flesh, that's exactly where your Frustration Box recipient is going to pull out their hair from, and possibly get paper cuts and scratches all over when they try to open this thing!

Disguised as a standard USPS Priority Mail package, The Frustration Box will arrive with little fanfare. Postman drops it off, your recipient picks it up - with a rush of happy curiosity if they hadn't remembered ordering anything - and Pranks Anonymous makes sure there's something inside, rattling around to egg them on. Then the fun begins.

Geez, what's up with this box? Don't you usually just pull a strip or something on these things? Gah, what the - there's, like, no entry point whatsoever. I can't even...get the tabs out to...open it...from...the...sides! Why do they do this?! They can perform heart transplants and make self-driving cars and create a phone the size of my palm that streams Netflix and gives me turn-by-turn directions from here to Puerto Vallarta, but they can't F'ing make a package that doesn't take 30 F'ing minutes to open?!




Just imagining it brings me so much joy.

If imagination's not enough for you, you can make the anonymous prank real with a Frustration Box purchase. You'll have the option to add a custom message and sticker to the package, and if you feel the sealed-tight box still needs more flair, you can also have Pranks Anonymous further wrap it in "ridiculous amounts of tape."

Happy shipping.

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