The Office Stapler in Jell-O Soap

Posted: March 07, 2021
The Office Stapler in Jell-O Soap
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March 24, 2005. A simpler time, when we were younger, life was still normal, business was as usual, and staplers were being congealed inside Jell-O molds in The Office. The doors of Dunder Mifflin opened on our TV sets for the first time on March 24, 2005, and along with Michael, Ryan, Dwight, Pam, and Jim, we also met Dwight's stapler. Suspended, courtesy of prankster Jim, in a glob of urine-hued gelatin. Dammit, Jim!

The classic Office gag lives on here, albeit (thankfully) not with real Jell-O. Palm Stone Creations has encapsulated their staplers in soap, creating a charming replica and great gag gift for fans of The Office. And, yes, it's real soap you can actually use if you like. Yep, it's a real stapler inside too. Uhhhh...no, you probably shouldn't go the Michael route and suggest your Dwight eat it out.

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