The Rocktopus

Posted: December 24, 2021
The Rocktopus
$15 - $3k
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Can you smell what The Rocktopus is cooking?! Mmmm, pulpo a la plancha.

Whoever drew Dwayne Johnson in this year's White Elephant gift exchange, I sure hope you saw The Rocktopus before I did. A most glorious design from Nate's 3D Printing Shop, The Rocktopus is - how best to put it? - a 3D printed articulating octopus whose head has been replaced by that of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Think he's ready to take on the 3D printed Dickasaurus in the ring?

Adding to my, and hopefully your, delight over The Rocktopus is Nate's 3D Printing Shop's print size options, ranging from a wee 5" x 5" for a desktop or dashboard, to a true Rock-worthy 60" x 60" for a living room installation or carpool buddy that allows you cheat your way into the HOV lanes.

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