LEBAND Lumbar Back Support for Office Chairs

Posted: April 05, 2022
Leband Lumbar Back Support for Office Chairs
$59.99 - $79.99
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It's cool, bro back, I'm with LEBAND. The LEBAND Lumbar Back Support is an ergonomic attachment designed to align and cradle the entire back to help relieve pain in the upper, middle, and lower areas, as well as reduce pressure along the sciatic nerve. The strap-on apparatus is designed for use with various brands and types of office chairs, as well as other types of seats, such as the one in your car. Or the one in your orthopedic spine specialist's office, where you'll, ironically spend the next 2 hours sitting and waiting to see him.

LEBAND offers 2 different Lumbar Back Support styles, both with and without cushions. All styles have 5 levels of height adjustment and hundreds of ventilation holes so using them won't give you sweat stains on your back.

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