Office Nap Pillow

Posted: January 11, 2018
Office Nap Pillow

Falling asleep at your desk? The Office Nap Pillow for the work force's finest (plus sleepy students with 8 a.m. lectures) facilitates a quick 3:00 snooze without the resultant neck and shoulder tension, or headaches, you may get from contorting your arms into a makeshift pillow on your desk.

The Nap Pillow looks more like an itty bitty chair than a pillow, but its creators say the unique design will cradle your face and head in a memory foam core, and, thanks to a set of funky legs, free your arms from supporting their weight. For a pillow, the Nap Pillow has a whole lot of parts, and requires some assembly before use. Once the last leg is in place though, you'll be able to adjust the slope of the headrest both forward and back, and right and left, to find an angle that suits you.

Office Nap Pillows are covered in washable velour pillowcases, and come in beige, green, and blue colors.

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