The CoCoPen

Posted: April 08, 2013
The CoCoPen
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Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen used to be the best scent on the planet but then they changed the formula and now it just smells like all other sickly sweet girl things that are acceptable only because they are attached to girls. So naturally when I saw the CoCoPen, my first thought was Ooh, maybe it smells like the old Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen. But nope. It doesn't. The pen is unscented. Its name stems from its construction materials: aluminum alloy and tropical coconut shell. I guess that's OK too.

By my estimation, the CoCoPen will appeal most to people who really like pens. People whose thing is pens. Like how some people's thing is vinyl records or watches or Star Wars collectibles or bugs. The CoCoPen doesn't have a spy camera or built-in 1W laser pointer, and it doesn't play "Danger Zone" every time you unscrew the lid. It does, however, have a sleek architecture and makes a nice little home for wands of ink.

CoCoPen fabrication utilizes a CNC machining process to mold units into solid aluminum alloy cylinders accented with coconut shell rings on both bodies and caps. Pens are polished manually and can hold a Montblanc fineliner, Montblanc rollerball, or Pilot G2 refill. Creators Elonda Blount and Arfi'an Fuadi emphasize their writing implements' durability and suggest they would be ideal tokens to pass down the family line. This again because some people really dig pens.

Aesthetically pleasing and probably equally nice to hold and use to make a list of all song titles that credit Neil Diamond or Prince as their writer, CoCoPens will seek Kickstarter funding through May 1, 2013.

Thanks to Robert M. for suggesting the CoCoPen via Dude Product Tips.

December 2013 Update: The CoCoPen exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is available for direct purchase through the Extraordinary Exotic website--follow the link below.

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