Under Desk Hammock

Posted: August 31, 2019
Under Desk Hammock
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The Under Desk Hammock from Uplift Desk certainly solves the problems of how and where to take a nap at work. As for the why - you'll have to justify that one yourself.

Then again, while installing a hammock under your desk to sleep in may raise eyebrows around the office, at least having the hammock there will make it clear what you're doing under your desk. I say that because at my first job out of college I worked with a lady who was a little cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, and one day we came back from lunch, and there ol' Fiona was, curled up under her desk. My boss freaked out and started shrieking, thinking she'd had a seizure or died or something.

Nah. Just takin' a power nap.

Uplift Desk's Under Desk Hammock is designed specifically for use with the company's own V2 Standing Desk. You can clip it onto the desk's frame using the included carabiners and Uplift's mounting point system. That means you won't need to drill holes during setup, just use a hex wrench to install a pair of anchor plates (they come with the desk, and may arrive already installed).

That the sleeping hammock pairs with a standing desk makes more sense, in terms of space and clearance, than trying to attach one to a standard sit-down desk, but I'm still not sure a power napping cocoon in the cube - or open seating area - at work is going to fly with management. Not to mention co-workers who get their jollies pulling office pranks. Plus, the Under Desk Hammock has a weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Might be better to stick with an under desk foot hammock.

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