CleverPet Dog Gaming Console

Posted: June 03, 2014
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According to CleverPet, one reason dogs strew the stuffing from your couch cushions across the house and eat entire ficus plants is that they're bored. Another reason is that they're a-holes. CleverPet says it can address at least one, maybe both, of these issues, plus engage and teach your dog new skills. A sort of gaming console for Fido, CleverPet employs "scientifically proven techniques" to interact with dogs and keep them occupied while you're away. The system prompts various responses and behaviors, awards dogs who comply, and adapts exercises and challenge levels according to individual dogs' need.

Applying algorithms derived from animal behavioral science research, CleverPet's 3 touch-sensitive pads light up and make sounds during doggie games that require him to touch them with his nose or paw. When the dog complies and demonstrates he's learned something new, CleverPet dispatches a treat. As the dog becomes more proficient, the games become more challenging. The console's adaptive software changes constantly, and owners can track their pets' progress in real time either through the CleverPet Website or app.

The CleverPet gaming console is essentially a dog food bowl with the addition of the interactive touch pads. So in addition to rewarding dogs for successful engagement and good behavior, the system also makes sure he eats slowly. For each desired behavior exhibited, CleverPet doles out just a few pieces of food.

CleverPet is WiFi-connected and Arduino-compatible, so it can connect to other smart devices and give hackers the opportunity to write custom code.

CleverPet is currently available for pre-order, with an anticipated production completion and delivery date of February 2015.

CleverPet is a top Dude Gift for the Pet Lover pick.

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