Cool Down Doggie Misting Leash

Posted: March 29, 2014
Hyper Pet Cool Down Misting Leash
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Why are we assisting dogs with a task they are supposed to be genetically predisposed to handling themselves? Aren't their fur coats designed by Mother Nature to insulate them both with and against heat? Isn't panting their cool-down method? Maybe. But as it is Man's genetic predisposition to go and stick his nose in everything for the sake of "improvement," here we have the introduction of a misting leash to Dog's natural temperature regulation process.

The Cool Down Doggie by Hyper Dog spurts a "refreshing mist" of water on your pooch to keep him comfortable during walks. As a bonus, when the crystalline droplets hit his muzzle they will also give him a dewy, fresh-faced complexion hot lady dogs with (fingers crossed) hot lady owners will find very attractive.

A 12-ounce water bottle attaches to the Cool Down Doggie leash and ejects a 1-ounce spray per trigger pump. The trigger also has a continuous spray feature. The leash itself is 5' long and includes a universal collar hook for attachment.

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