EZ-Nabber Cat Catcher

Posted: September 11, 2023
EZ-Nabber Cat Catcher
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Me and the EZ-Nabber Cat Catcher have one thing to say to my cat, Zanzibar: yes, my feline friend, naughty kitties who leap at their owners in the midst of pouring a bottle of red wine, knock over all the filled glasses, and soak the humans, the carpet, and themselves in Pinot Noir can indeed go to the groomer's for a bath.

Me and the EZ-Nabber Cat Catcher also have one thing to say to mama's neighbor's fat cat, Willard: if you hop over that fence, you better watch your back, son.

Even though Campbell Pet Company's netted jaws are mostly intended for vets and animal shelter workers, and mostly made as "a way to safely and humanely remove a fractious cat or small animal from a cage while avoiding injury to yourself and staff," I believe the EZ-Nabber can also enjoy a long and fruitful life at my disposal for personal use.

The simple cat catcher consists of a pair of nets wrapped around 16" or 14" frames. The frames are hinged together, and criss-cross into a pair of grip-wrapped handles, which EZ-Nabber users simply open and close to secure scared and / or hostile balls of fur humanely, and without incident. Once cats are contained, the EZ-Nabber also makes it easier to give them exams, administer shots, and provide wound treatment.

Muchas danke to Core77.

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