Food-Themed Pet Bowl Stands

Posted: April 24, 2019
Food-Themed Pet Bowl Holders
$69.67 - $220.62
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Miha Skalar's food-themed pet bowl stands are dog-, cat-, and Homer Simpson-approved. At least the pink-frosted sprinkle donut scores high marks with the latter, who I can also envision eating out of the holders on all fours.

The elevated food and water bowl stands are handmade from wood and stained with pet-safe, water-based colors. Go for a hamburger and sodie, a donut and coffee, and a sandwich and soup mug, or buy the stands singly. Skalar will build them according to your pet's size and height - choose from 11cm, 14cm, or 16cm diameter stainless steel food and water bowls, and specify how much elevation you want in the stands to make it easiest for your pooch or kitty to access.

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