Fresh Pawz - Official Streetwear Brand for Dogs

Posted: January 16, 2019
Fresh Pawz - Official Streetwear & Gear Brand for Dogs

Fresh Pawz doesn't just call itself the official streetwear brand for dogs, they've trademarked the term. Because if you're going to call yourself street, you better do it legit.

Some might try convince themselves buying Fresh Pawz clothing and gear is a way of pampering a deserving pooch, but if we're being honest, this collection of designer-inspired hoodies and harnesses, leashes and beds, will do more to pamper dog owners than their dogs. Grab a Pucci or Frenchies Paris Hoodie to match your own when you hit the dog park, or check out Fresh Pawz's collaboration with Care Bears and let your dog contribute to your retro / 80s obsession with a bed, collar, carrier, or - oh boy! - pajamas.

For those into the pop culture and the politics, Fresh Pawz also makes some muy interesante dog toys.

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