Happy Ride Backseat Dog Zipline

Posted: September 14, 2021
Happy Ride Backseat Dog Zipline
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The Happy Ride Backseat Dog Zipline endeavors to restrain your puppers during car rides without completely constraining them.

A nylon cord creates the zipline, attaching to the grab handles above the windows, and a tether with a sliding O-ring hangs down from the cord, with a clip for attaching to your dog's harness. The resultant zipline system gives pets full side-to-side movement in the backseat, but keeps them from leaping up front to distract you, or deliver a cheap shot to the crotch, while you're driving. So everyone has a Happy Ride.

The zipline is adjustable to a max length of 6', so it should fit most cars, trucks, and SUVs. The tether is also adjustable, up to 3'. Happy Ride Dog Zipline creator PetSafe also makes a Happy Ride Safety Harness that is ideally compatible with the backseat restraint system.

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