iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

Posted: June 21, 2013
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iFetch isn't the first automatic ball launcher for dogs, but it's about half the cost of the Go Dog Go, and I am more partial to iFetch's video of the dancing Boston Terrier than I am to Go Dog Go's of the spastic Puggle. iFetch also appears to consume less space and fires a smaller version of tennis ball. Like, small enough that I...I mean a person...could also fit them in his...or her...mouth. I wonder if the iFetch could also shoot one of those fist-sized gobstoppers. I would so set it up to nail my friend Cornelius in the back of the head.

iFetch activates only when one of its mini tennis balls rolls through its funnel--presumably, any dog smart enough to hunt down and bring the ball back will be smart enough to figure out how to drop it in the funnel too. After a pause of a few seconds, or enough time for that twinkle-toed Boston Terrier to get its jig going, iFetch fires at one of three selectable launch distances. The device either plugs into a standard outlet or functions on 6 "C" batteries for remote use.

Interested dog owners can make a Kickstarter pledge for the iFetch through July 17, 2013.

Thanks to Robert M. for submitting another Dude Product Tip.

December 2013 Update: The iFetched far exceeded its crowdfunding goal and will be available for direct purchase through the company's website--follow the link below.

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