LED Dog Projector for Dog Collars

Posted: September 27, 2023
LED Dog Projector for Dog Collars
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This LED projector attaches to dog collars to project...dogs...on the ground in front of your...dog. But, but...why? Because dogs appreciate other dogs lighting their way in the dark? Because dogs are pack animals and an LED projection of a pug or golden retriever floating perpetually just out of reach on the ground in front of them will make them feel less alone? Because dog owners think it's sooo cute, and the illuminated images will get their dog (i.e., the dog owners) lots of attention from passersby?

Methinks an LED dog projector for dog collars was not made to fulfill the needs of Becauses #1 and #2.

The projector device comes with 10 projection slides depicting "the most famous and welcomed dogs in America." When attached to a dog collar, harness, or leash, the projection piece is adjustable up to 90 degrees. It is fitted with an HDR high-transmittance lens, and when its 500mAh battery is fully charged, it can emit its inexplicable, yet adorable, canine projections for up to 8 hours.

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