Raptor Dog Costume

Posted: September 10, 2012
Raptor Dog Costume
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Holy crap, as if I weren't already terrified enough of this beast! Now they have to go and put a raptor costume on it. Well tiny dinosaur dog, now you can keep your beady eyes, your snaggleteeth and your flesh-flaying, sickle-shaped claws to yourself. You think a clever Halloween getup makes you look precious and approachable? Well I see your precious and approachable, and raise you the scars encircling my ankle. They're permanent, you know.

Anyway, about this velociraptor costume for dogs. As long as you don't have a jerk pooch like the one from that Jack Nicholson movie where some chick asks him how he writes women so well and he says he thinks of a man and then removes all reason and accountability, the canine garb is kind of cool and funny in a way that doesn't make its wearer look like a complete tool. The costume has two parts, a Raaawwwrrr! foam raptor head piece, and a foam padded costume, both in reptilian-printed brown. Available sizes are XSmall through Large.

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