RuffBowl - Poop, Drink & Be Merry

Posted: January 24, 2013
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Before delving into RuffBowl specifics, I will share some fun facts about the French. Parisians love their dogs. The ratio of dogs to people in that city is 1:7. But they don't love cleaning up after their dogs. In fact, the French refuse to scoop poop. And on an average day, pooches deposit about 20 tons of it on the city's streets, sidewalks, and outdoor patios. About 650 people a year are injured so badly slipping on Parisian dog droppings that they have to go to the hospital. This has forced the local government to hire a private company--at an annual rate of over $10 million--to troll the Paris metropolitan area for canine excrement and clean that shit up. Unbelievable? Believe it.

Good thing we Americans aren't above getting hands-on with #2s. However, it is kind of demoralizing having to tote around bags full of it when the pickup requirement hits in the middle of a multi-mile dog walk. And here lies problem the first RuffBowl owners avert. The RuffBowl snaps easily to most large retractable leashes, and includes a secure fastener for hanging used poop bags well away from their scoopers' person.

Problem the second RuffBowls address is the strings of saliva and white foam flowing from your thirsty dog's mouth that get you animal-cruelty stares and head shakes from passersby. The water-tight container holds up to 4-1/2 ounces of liquid refreshment, conveniently accessible when Captain Dramatic decides he needs a drink.

RuffBowls come in red, green, and blue.

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