ThrowBowl - Frisbee Convertible Bowl

Posted: August 19, 2013
Throwbowl - Frisbee Convertible Bowl
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Sorry, baby owners, you still have to pack up 40 pounds of luggage prior to each and every trip to the park. But you, dog owners, have just been given the gift of consolidation. Paww's ThrowBowl fuses flying disc with water receptacle in a combo as dedicated to quenching your dog's thirst as it is to delivering him his jollies. Well, presuming his jollies are wholesome and fetch-related, which I imagine some dogs' definitely are not, but...we already dealt with that in the Stop Eating Poop post, and I'd rather not revisit the topic.

ThrowBowls are soft Frisbee-style discs made of k9Flex elastomer that convert to water bowls by way of flapped "walls" that peel up and unfold. When opened, the 8-1/2" flyer holds 48 ounces of water. Or 4 Bowser Beers. Or a liter of vodka if you're trying to use your pooch as a cover for sneaking your own good time into a public place.

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