USPS Mail Carrier Dog Costume

Posted: August 16, 2020
USPS Mail Carrier Dog Costume
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Dogs as USPS mail carriers, it's genius! Think of all the things you've seen dogs fetch in your life. For me it's balls, squeaky toys, newspapers, slippers, and chocolate mousse cakes left unattended on the kitchen countertop just to name a few. Mail, and particularly a single piece of mail, such as, oh I don't know, say, an election ballot, should be no problem for the canine whizzes of the world to pick up from our houses and trot on down to the nearest polling place or ballot box. Payment will come in the form of biscuits and rawhides. Pig ears and freeze-dried beef liver if the envelopes are delivered snot- and drool-free.

Yep, mail dogs. Two thumbs and four paws up. Whose idea was this anyway?

Had to be a poodle's.

The USPS Mail Carrier Dog Costume is available from Amazon, above, and directly from the USPS.

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