IncrediSonic Smartphone VR Headset

Posted: November 07, 2015
IncrediSonic Smartphone VR Glasses

Bring more life and isolation from the other yay-hoos on the bus to your smartphone with IncrediSonic's Vue Series 3D virtual reality headset. Designed to enhance the 300+ VR apps from the Google Play and Apple App stores, the glasses optimize all Android and Apple phones for 3D games and split-screen movies. The Vue package includes a multi-functional Bluetooth remote controller for apps that require input to navigate. This controller can also be used to navigate Android phones with a cursor in standard mode, or as a selfie shutter.

Vue headsets are made of foam materials for a comfortable fit on the seal and nose piece areas. There are also open ports on both sides to facilitate ventilation during wear, as well as provide access to an earphone jack for an even more immersive experience.

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