Posted: July 14, 2012
iStash Smartphone Storage Compartment
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iStash. Quite the restrictive--albeit clever and sort of fun to say--name for an iPhone imposter that's really just a slick combination of a pseudo-phone and a wallet. I mean, sure, it will covertly house cigs, lighters, and herbal refreshments, but iStash will just as handily store cash, cards, a key or two, a stick of gum, and a few condoms from the vending machine. So while concert-goers and club kids who want to hide the shit they're carrying on their person are gonna love the iStash, so equally would many of the rest of us who mostly stopped tokin' out after college, but who also want to hide the shit we're carrying on our persons. Why spotlight the puffing paraphernalia angle? Why not target the larger market of devious and thief-evading folk?

Oh, I see.

Regardless of intended demographic, the iStash remains a cooly compact means of discreetly carrying whatever it is you would like to discreetly carry. Also, it costs a mere $10.

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