Mokase Smartphone Cover Coffee Maker

Posted: July 02, 2017
Mokase Smartphone Cover Coffee Maker
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Mo' crazy, mo' coffee, Mokase! It's the latest mobile phone feature we 0% need but, while collectively rolling our eyes, some of us will still get: a smartphone case that brews coffee.

Italian espresso, to be more precise.

The Mokase mobile phone cover - forthcoming for both iPhone and Android - contains a disposable cartridge with enough fresh grounds to percolate out a single shot of joe.

A Mokase app handles the coffee brewing process, though I'm not clear where the water for it comes from; maybe it's locked inside the cartridge with the beans. Clearly Mokase intends your phone's battery to heat the mystery water source, with an internal case pipe guiding the finished product into whatever cup / mouth you place at the corner end in wait of it.

At printing the Mokase coffee-brewing phone case was up for pre-order, with a 50% down payment. Shipments are expected to start in September 2017.

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