Mutator Global iPhone Silencer

Posted: May 30, 2013
$16 - $28
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People seem to love their iPhones. Almost as much as they seem to love to bitch about them. Damn autocorrect, good-for-nothing maps, battery life of a gallon of mocha almond fudge in the hands of pregnant woman, innate tendency to roll the audio for White Men Can't Hump in the middle of my great-aunt's funeral.... Mutator creator Ron Adair sympathizes particularly with that last plight of the iPhone owner. Sure, iPhones come with a mute button, but Apple explicitly states in its User Guide that the silencer applies only to the phone's ringer, and that other sounds, such as alarms, music, and games, may still have an audible outburst at (almost always inopportune) times.

The Mutator, a pleasant-looking conical bud that fits into the iPhone's headphone jack, promises to mute all sounds generated by videos, songs, games, apps, and that loud mouth Siri. Insert to activate and then, to deactivate, just twist 90 degrees--no need to remove the device, invariably dropping it on the floor, and losing it forever.

Back the Mutator on Kickstarter and score one of your own before the funding period ends on June 23, 2013.

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