Smartphone Windblocker

Posted: March 08, 2016
Smartphone Windblocker
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I hate talking on the phone, so in addition to whipping breezes and disruptive gusts, the Windblocker also blocks one of my best excuses for not doing it. Yeah, sorry, Mama, it's just so windy on my walk to work today, you're not going to be able to hear-- What? No! No, I'm not playing hooky and standing in front of a fan in my living room so I don't have to talk to you!

Windblockers are small spongy spheres that slip over your smartphone's microphone to protect it from the wshhhhh! psshhhh! cacophony of Mother Nature huffing and puffing. The concept is the same as that used for human wind guards on public speaking / singing and tortuous spin class microphones, but with an easy clip-on design custom-sized for smartphones.

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