Switchblade Phone Case

Posted: May 09, 2018
Switchblade Phone Case
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Oh hey, a switchblade phone case. A phone case with a sharp 4" blade that flicks! right out of it. That's going to go over well with 100% of knife collectors, EDC fiends, and OGs, and 0% of law enforcement officials, security checkpoints, and mamas.

SAS's so-called "Dual Action" case is a billet aluminum design that will obviously not be legal for you to carry in many places of the world. SAS recommends checking your local laws rather than just launching out with the "Better to ask forgiveness than permission" motto tucked under your arm.

The slide bar on the side of the switchblade case activates the knife, popping it out and pulling it back in good ol' peek-a-boo-style when pushed. You can see a short video of the blade in action on the SAS website.

The SAS store lists the switchblade case as "COMING SOON!" for iPhone 6, 6plus, 7, 7plus, GalaxyS8, and S8plus. Of course, all of those phones now have newer versions available, so who knows how long soon really is, and how long the listing has been up on the site labeled as such. I just found it dicking around on the internet, and rather than emailing SAS to ask, my first instinct was to come to you and be like, "Dude! Look at this switchblade phone case!"

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