XAPPR Smartphone Gaming Gun

Posted: August 08, 2013
XAPPR Smartphone Gaming Gun
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Do you think XAPPR is pronounced "Zapper" as in "Xylophone," and as in "Shoot 'em up with your smartphone," or "Ex-app-ear" as in "X-ray," and as in "Push the button and your ex will magically materialize before you, naked and primed to be blasted in the face with a special blend of red Sharpie ink and raw chicken juice, while being filmed with an attached smartphone for later You Tube posting and eventual viral popularity"?


Probably it's the first one.

XAPPR is a gaming gun for iOS and Android devices compatible with over 20 different virtual trigger-pulling adventures, but seemingly designed for perfect symbiosis with the real-world, GPS-based, multi-player shooting game ATK. XAPPRs enjoy simple plug-and-play connections to smartphones and augment the shooting game experience by, oh, I'd guess a factor of 1.65. Maybe 1.8 if the phone mount is stable and protective enough to allow me to dive behind bushes and stampede through doors and generally demonstrate in full my vast repertoire of Chuck-Norris-crossed-with-a-rhinoceros moves.

Muchas danke to Charles for the Dude Product Tip.

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