Pop-Up Cinema Portable Folding Outdoor Projector Screen

Posted: March 19, 2019
Pop-up Cinema Portable Outdoor Folding Projector Screen
$62.54 - $96
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Elite Screens has a little different kind of Pop-Up Video for you. Their Pop-Up Cinema series of portable folding outdoor projector screens is built on a spring frame system that bounces to life in seconds, naturally, with no tools required for setup. It also packs down into a 32" diameter carrying case, producing a 16:9 84" or 92" outdoor movie screen that's easy to stuff in the car, easy to unstuff at the park or campsite, and weighs just 6 to 7 pounds.

Camp Chef has a larger, 144" indoor / outdoor movie screen that also breaks down pretty small, but has lots of poley and guy ropey bits you have to connect to assemble it every time. If the tradeoff is just a smaller, but still pretty big, screen size, I'll take the Elite Screens' pop-up option any day. (Note: you'll still need to stake your Pop-Up Cinema to the ground using the included stakes, net base, and support rods if you don't want it to blow off to Oz along with Dorothy.)

Pop-Up Cinema screen material is SilkWhite, a synthetic textile with a 1.0 gain reflectivity and 160-degree viewing angle. It is compatible with standard and short throw projectors.

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