The Pocket Engineer Wallet Ruler & Unit Conversion Card

Posted: February 08, 2021
The Pocket Engineer Wallet Ruler & Unit Conversion Card
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If you can't flash your AmEx Black Card to show 'em how rich you are, flash your Pocket Engineer ruler and unit conversion Black Card to show 'em how smart you are.

Well, medium-smart anyway. The real whizzes can recite physics constants, pressure, power, temperature, mass, area, and length conversions, and order of magnitude prefixes from heart. They're also infallible when it comes to measuring in standard and metric units by sight.

Created by Genius Lab Gear, The Pocket Engineer is a quick reference tool for STEM dudes and ladies that slips neatly inside a wallet alongside IDs, credit cards, and other plastic parallelograms. Use it for recalling basic equations and conversions during field work and lab work - particularly the kind that doesn't lend itself well to pulling out your phone or other web-connected search device - plus as a functional ruler, protractor, and angle drawing tool when you need a physical measurement or sketch.

The Pocket Engineer wallet card is made of 0.8 mm thick laser-cut enamel-coated stainless steel. It's ready and waiting for the next time you need a gift for a geek.

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