Vyper Shop Chairs

Posted: May 06, 2022
Vyper Shop Chairs
$379.99 - $629.99
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Sink your fangs into a Vyper Shop Chair. Made for mechanics, detailers, welders, DIYers, and garage enthusiasts, the chairs prides themselves on being burly, yet comfy, versatile and customizable, and always ready to roll. Over almost anything your floor is covered in. Including zip ties. A brothers-owned company, Vyper also operates out of Green Bay, WI, where all Vyper Shop Chairs can call themselves American Made.

Vyper sells their chairs in a bevy of models to suit your industry or interest. Choose from high and low Robust Steel and Elevated Steel rolling chairs - both height adjustable - as well as low, backless stools. Vyper also makes a line of accessories that latch onto the chairs, and expand their functionality into tool racks, cup holders, or gear trays.

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