445NM Infinity Blue Laser Blaster

Posted: April 27, 2014
445NM Infinity Blue Laser Blaster
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Here's a 445NM Infinity Blue Laser Blaster by Tony Starks. I don't know if that's his real name or not, but if so now we know that having just one letter more than Iron Man makes you Laser Man. The trapezoidal-rhomboidal-pieced blaster with its shooting indigo beam looks kind of like Portal meets the rails of a hospital bed. It can do all of everyone's favorite laser tricks, such as popping balloons 3 in a row and burning through an angular hunk of hard plastic such that bluish smoke wafts all moodily from its ends.

Starks doesn't have much else to say about his creation, except that interested parties can contact him here with questions, or just head over to Etsy and buy their own.

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