Amazon Jungle Survivor Break-Down Spear

Posted: October 17, 2023
Amazon Jungle Survivor Break-Down Spear
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Wondering what to pack for your upcoming trip to the Amazon jungle? You're in luck, because the Dude has your answers: those underwear you can wash in a sink (or river); bug spray; and an Amazon Jungle Survivor Break-Down Spear!

According to maker BUDK, the collapsible spear is a great tool to have if you hope to survive the Amazon jungle. And since I'd assume most of you who go into the Amazon jungle would also like to come back out, that's why it edged out sunscreen and shoes on my list. Fully assembled, the spear measures 45-1/2" long, and features a double-edged 10" blade made of cast 2Cr13 stainless steel that should give you a fighting chance if you find yourself up against Mapinguari.

The hollow spear shaft consists of textured and ribbed heavy-duty steel tubes with a black oxide finish,

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