Brite Strike Tactical Balls

Posted: February 24, 2013
Brite Strike Tactical Balls
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Disorienting, blinding, and giving people seizures all serve as excellent forms of distraction during attempts at self-defense and ploys to make off with the $80 giant peanut butter cup cake. Brite Strike's Tactical Balls each have 2 white LEDs that blaze luminous beams of light at the push of a button, and can be thrown or rolled in a direction that diverts attention away from their dispatcher. Once released, the balls' concentric, weighted design spins and wobbles the light like a collection of gyrating strobes, ultimately stopping them bulb side up to backlight their target.

Though not intended to replace flashbangs, since Tactical Balls are small, lightweight, and water/shock resistant, they are safer for use in areas with flammable materials, and require no specialized training to operate. The trio of balls comes in a tactical deployment pouch, which I bet is basically a fancy term for "pliable sack".

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