Buy Tighe Dual Blade Titanium Knife

Posted: December 18, 2013
Buy Tighe Dual Blade Titanium Knife
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This dual-bladed evolution of bladesmith Brian Tighe's Nirk Tighe won Most Innovative Custom Design at the 2012 BLADE Show. Now what I wonder is if the Buy Tighe knife is really so outstanding that it's worth a cool grand to carry and show off to all the boys at the barber shop, or if its win at the BLADE Show was like winning an Oscar: it took home a trophy, so its asking price has skyrocketed.

Buy Tighe has a titanium handle with blue anodized recesses, and fluted stainless steel blades with flippers. Its overall length is 9.375", with slightly different blade lengths of 3.5" and 4". Weight is 6.6 ounces. The knife's blade is marked #3. That's right. #3. The same number my mama used to threaten to count to before exacting some horrendous punishment on my insolent, misbehaving behind. Say, Brian Tighe, what do you think about crafting me a whole set of Buy Tighe knives to commemorate my childhood. They should be marked as follows: #1, #2...#2-1/2...#2-3/4....

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