Coonan Triple Threat Apocalyptic Kit

Posted: October 13, 2013
Coonan Triple Threat Apocalyptic Kit

When I think of Coonan, I think first of .357 Magnums. But a close and immediate second is zombie and vampire slaying. And now I'm wondering if the firearms manufacturer and I have a psychic connection. I'm wondering if they made their Triple Threat Apocalyptic Kit just for me. Look, they were even smart enough not to include a pistol in it. It's like they know both how clumsy and skittish around loud noises I am, and that while I can probably scrounge up $40 from rolling coins and donating platelets to buy some silver bullets, there is no way I'm getting ahold of $1,375 or a license to carry a gun.

Coonan prepares us for the undead and End of Days with:

  • A set of 8 Coonan silver bullets
  • A Coonan head stamped nickel case.
  • A 158.5-gran bullet jacketed in 99% pure silver
  • Packaging in the form of a solid ash Coonan vampire stake.

Happy hunting, happy self-defending, and happy geek gift-giving.

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