Double Barrel Pistol

Posted: March 18, 2012
Double Barrel Pistol
$4,400 - $4,950
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The AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol is a first on two counts. It's the first ever double barrel semiautomatic pistol manufactured for sale (not available yet, but on deck for Fall 2012). And, after getting a load of the "Twenty Eleven's" sleek aesthetic and technical design, the gun will also represent the first argument the people who really, really want it are going to have with the people who say they can't have it.

Arsenal Firearms created the Double Barrel Pistol as a tribute to the Colt 1911-A1. In both visual splendor, and functionality and upkeep. Anyone able to shoot a .45 ACP will be versed in handling and firing the 2011. Arsenal Firearms maintains it will perform exceptionally in target shooting, bullseying 8 double rounds of single column magazines--16 bullets total--into a target the size of an orange at 15 yards away, and one the size of a watermelon at 25. Two bullets carry 460 grains of power and, when impacting at 1 to 2 inches apart, will knock down a bull. Though a few rounds may be necessary to take down a double-muscled Belgian Blue bull. Or a zombified Charlie Sheen. The entire 18-bullet tag team is expendable in about 3 seconds.

Once officially released, the pistol will come in buyers' choice of 2 independent triggers, and one sear group (left or right, with user-interchangeability for right or left operations), or 2 triggers permanently joined, and 1 or 2 sear groups. Formidable finishes include a mirrored deep blue, or a white ash nitrite coating with a 3400 Vickers surface hardness.

Most of the 2011's internal parts are interchangeable with the Colt 1911's. In term of replacement parts, these include:

  • Firing pins
  • Firing pin plates
  • Sears groups
  • Triple springs
  • Inner parts of the mainspring housings
  • Recoil springs and recoil spring rods
  • Magazine bodies and inner parts
  • Sights (including after market adjustable sights)
  • Grips, and grip screws and bushings

Naturally, the Double Barrel version is also pimped out with some special parts, such as:

  • A single slide
  • A single frame
  • A single spur double hammer
  • A single grip safety
  • A single body double mainspring housing
  • A single, double cavity magazine floor plate
  • A long and double magazine latch
  • Special barrel bushings
  • A hold-open lever and side lever safety with long shafts

Check out the Arsenal Firearms Website for full technical specs, and keep checking back for pricing information, which they promise is coming soon. In the interim, impatient gun-toters can tide themselves over with the 357 Magnum Hair Dryer.

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