Flagrant Beard HAVOC Neck Knife

Posted: January 30, 2018
Flagrant Beard Havoc Neck Knife
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I am not a weekend warrior. More a weekend coucher. But, if I were, this seems like the neck knife that I would want on my person. The Flagrant Beard HAVOC stems from an essential necessity of law enforcement and military personnel - rapid access to a defensive blade in a close quarters or weapon retention situation. That sounds serious.

I always wonder how I would actually react if someone broke into my home in the middle of the night and I found myself in a close quarters situation. I've played the scenario out in my head dozens of...thousands of times. Every time I hear a small sound past 9pm really. If I'm being honest, the range of outcomes probably span from urine to crying, but I feel like the good people at Flagrant Beard and HAVOC might at least bring my imagined self-defense skill set closer to reality with this offering. For that, I thank them.

The HAVOC Neck Knife comes with a Black Kydex sheath and clip which I can only assume attaches easily to my pajama bottoms.

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