Gotcha Cap Self Defense Tool

Posted: July 28, 2014
Gotcha Cap Self Defense Tool

You can watch the video to see the Gotcha Cap in action, or click here to watch a GIF of it showing a punk ass watermelon what's up. Issued by FAB Defense, the Gotcha Cap is a covert self defense tool (and swell hat!) developed by Israeli martial arts expert Yaron Hanover and product designer Dov Ganchrow. It is rated "low profile" and "less lethal", the former because it slides easily and unnoticeably into/out of a holster screwed to the underside of the cap's bill, and the latter because it will presumably inflict pain and debilitate attackers without making you the guy who inadvertently put a Gotcha Cap in a dude's ass when you were just trying to keep him from stealing your wallet.

Though as with all weapons, I'd imagine Gotcha Cap users will still need to practice good judgment and exhibit a modicum of Do unto others-type self control.

The ergonomic hand tool is made of a reinforced polymer composite and its accompanying baseball cap of...baseball cap material. Gotcha Caps come in black, khaki, olive drab green, brown, and digital camo.

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