Paladyne E1000MP Drone Jammer

Posted: October 16, 2020
Paladyne E1000MP Drone Jammer

Drone Defence says the Paladyne E1000MP is a drone jammer, part of a series of portable "electronic countermeasures" designed to jack up the command, video, and navigation signals of IIIFOs. Identified, intrusive, and irritating flying objects. Drones.

But. You and I both know what the Paladyne E1000MP really is. A real-life stormtrooper blaster! I like stylistic changes you've made to it, Drone Defence. Much sexier than the E-11 and, sorry Solo, I'd take an E1000MP over the DL-44 too.

Functionally, the Paladyne E1000MP has a range of up to 1km. Drone Defence says, "If you can see the drone then you can stop it." When you're ready to jam, activating the pistol sends a signal that block's the drone's vital operations, either sending it back to its location of origin, forcing it to land, or sending it drifting decommissioned away.

Paladyne E1000MP operators can also control the specific drone channels they want to jam so, for example, they deliberately activate the "Return to Home" function and follow the drone back to its pilot.

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