Police Force Defender

Posted: November 04, 2015
Police Force Defender
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The Police Force Defender might have a killer look, but a blast from this self-defense weapon will incapacitate an attacker using the non-lethal forces of Crossfire Technology and Sabre Red Pepper Spray. In terms less laden with proper nouns: it's a gun that fires military-grade pepper spray up to 25'.

But that's only if you actually need to use it. Police Force Defender creators feel like one glance at this beast in the hands of law enforcement, military personnel, or civilians standing in their kitchens, and the bad dudes will do a 180 rather than find out what exactly the weapon has in store. Defender construction consists of a heavy-duty, six-sided Picatinny rail body with an ergonomic handgrip. The pepper spray dispenser system mounts below the gun's "barrel" and operates via a pull trigger. A rail along the top accommodates multiple mountable accessories, such as the strobe light and tactical stun gun pictured in the image above. A Triple Defender that includes the disorienting light and Streetwise stunner is also available for purchase here.

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