Sap Cap - Weaponized Baseball Hat

Posted: October 23, 2012
Sap Cap - Weaponized Baseball Hat

Unassuming. Low-profile. Comfortable. Able to shatter wrist bones. Just the combination of qualities I've been looking for in a baseball hat. The Sap Cap takes traditional headwear to the covert weapon level with its pellet-filled back pocket. A stitched rectangle just above the hat's adjustable strap holds a cache of impact material rated at 110% the density of lead. However, unlike lead, it is non-toxic, making the Sap Cap both durable and safe to wear abutting your epicenter of neural activity.

To Sap Cap fight back, grip the bill like a handle and flip-whack it against your intended target (e.g., human attacker, angry Chow Chow, spider) just as you would a blackjack or sap. The impact material, though not lethal to humans (adios arachnids, though), will not mess around. Eyes will be blackened, bones will be broken, and selves will be defended. Great for runners, bikers, and walkers of unsafe streets.

Sap Caps come in basic black, and are easily modifiable for anyone wishing to add patches or stitching across their fronts. A Velcro strap on the back allows for adjustment, and one size fits most. Note: Due to weird laws, Sap Caps cannot be shipped to California, Massachusetts, or New York.

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