ShotGlass Rifle Shooting Glasses

Posted: October 19, 2014
ShotGlass Firearm Shooting Glasses
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Last year TrackingPoint's smart rifle system, the PGF, got a lot of attention. It also got a lot of skepticism and just about as much heat as it packs. Now the Precision Guided Firearm is getting a little Google Glass-ish buddy. Coming in March 2015 is ShotGlass, digital hunting and shooting eyewear that will enable PGF-wielders to shoot around corners and record their hunt.

A collaboration between TrackingPoint and Recon Jet SmartGlasses, the ShotGlass and its app will connect wirelessly to PGF rifles, using a built-in camera and HD video display to further improve hunting efforts and provide even more feedback to shooters. ShotGlass' 4 primary uses facilitate:

  • Shooting around corners. Fire from protected or hidden stances behind trees and barriers.
  • Increased situational awareness. When the TrackingPoint PGF zooms in on a target, the ShotGlass' view can remain zoomed out to provide 2 different perspectives on the same shot.
  • Video and voice recording. No more clamping on a GoPro. ShotGlass will record everything you see and say, and download videos directly to your smartphone/
  • Collaborative shooting and mentoring. Friends or family can wear ShotGlass while you are shooting to see exactly what you do, and share your experience. The glasses could be a great tool for teaching beginning shooters or helping those who have plateaued get better.

ShotGlass will have a wide-screen WQVGA display, such that images appear as if on a 30� HD display. It will run on Android OS.

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