The Big Bang Pistol Set

Posted: April 03, 2018
The Big Bang Pistol Set
$4.5 million
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Cabot Guns has forged a few big bangs into its Big Bang Pistol set. The matched left and right pair of 1911s aren't just two of a kind, the only two Cabot has and will ever build (bang!), they're two of a kind made entirely from a 77-pound hunk of the Gibeon meteor (bang!). And they're both fully functional. Bang!

A little background: the Gibeon meteor is an interstellar visitor that crash landed on Earth in prehistoric times, but wasn't discovered by Western civilization until the early 1800s. Having taken up residence in Namibia, the ancient Nama people had been using bits of the meteor's iron-nickel alloy to build tools and weapons for thousands of years. Cabot gots its share in 2015, and began working on their effort to turn space rocks into pistols.

The two members of the Big Bang Pistol Set have National Match barrels so, according to Cabot, they're not just functional, but accurate. Their engineers used electron beam tech to add bimetal support to the frame / slide rails, hammer, guide rod, and extractor. And, yes, 100% of pistol components, including the barrel bushing and trigger, are 100% Gibeon meteorite.

Each of the Big Bang Pistols has a serial number reflecting the geographic coordinates where the Gibeon meteor landed on Earth. Cabot Guns plans to sell the set to the highest bidder at auction. Those interested in owning their own piece of the Big Bang can register for more information on the Cabot website.

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