The Gun Box - RFID Safe

Posted: October 15, 2013
$179 - $289
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Gun Box has determined that your hand is the only thing that should stand between you and your gun. So buy a Gun Box, and not only will you get a weapon safe that opens exclusively in response to your personal RFID chip, but you'll also get your choice of a snazzy wristband or ring that grants your hand the power to unlock its contents. Upgrade from the basic Gun Box RF to the Gun Box Biometric and gain fingerprint access as well; move one step further to the Gun Box Premier for all of the above, plus options for 24/7 monitoring, tracking, and alert notifications.

Svelte, sleek Gun Boxes perform sesame-esque functions only in response to their owners' individual RFID chips. The basic version includes a chip embedded into a low-profile wristband or ring, and opens with a simple wave of the hand. Boxes are made of aircraft-strength aluminum alloy shells and include USB ports for charging peripheral devices and connecting accessories, such as smartphones or bass-heavy speakers. Because if I'm sitting next to my piece I better be able to conveniently blast "F**k Da Police" and "Bad Bad Leroy Brown."

The Gun Box Biometric includes access capabilities for multiple fingerprints in addition to its RFID technology. Premier models require an additional $75/year subscription in return for their addition of constant contact and checkup features.

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