Airplane Whiskey Decanter & Glass Set

Posted: March 01, 2020
Airplane Whiskey Decanter & Glass Set
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Now this is the kind of Here comes the airplane! I'd gladly open wide for. The Airplane Whiskey Decanter sets your night(cap) in flight with a Borosilicate glass fuselage set between the wings, wheels, and tail of an antique plane. For proper weight and balance, the decanter set also comes with 2 etched tumblers tucked between its upper and lower wings.

The entire airplane bar set measures 21" long x 18" wide, and the parts of the plane supporting the decanter and glasses are made of amber-stained wood, and movable metal wheels.

Like the Baseball Bat Whiskey Decanter, the Airplane Whiskey Decanter & Glass Set is a home bar standout, and would make a great gift for Dad.

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