Big Lebowski Bowling Bag Bar

Posted: August 31, 2012
Big Lebowski White Russian Bowling Bag Bar

The Dude abides. And The Dude imbibes. To fans of The Big Lebowski, fans of White Russians, fans of bowling, and fans of portable bars, Etsy vendor Vanessa Nystrom presents The White Russian Bag, a functional homage to one of the most renowned icons of cult movie classics. Once a legit bowling ball carrier, the vintage bag has been converted to a minibar, replete with a plastic tray base for ice, a carved wood "tabletop" with slots for Kahlua, vodka, and small cartons of half and half, and a wee Oriental rug coaster. The set also comes with two tumblers, though alcohol, dairy, and a crusty brown bathrobe are not included.

White Russian portable minibars are custom made, serialized, and signed such that each piece of Lebowski reverence emerges as an individual masterpiece unlike any other. The bowling bags used are standard sizes, about 16" high x 13" wide x 10" deep, and are available in either grey or red.

For those more into beer and Roy Munson than White Russians and The Dude, Nystrom also converts bowling bags to 8-slotted brew bottle carriers.

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